21 Jubilant Facts You Never Knew About January

For the majority of people, January symbolizes new beginnings and a fresh start. For others, it’s just another ordinary month!Here we have information on the historical origins of the month being introduced into the calendar back in Roman times.On top of that, we have a little insight to some notable historical events that happened in this month!Check out the 21 facts about the month of January below.The name for January comes from the Roman god, Janus, who is always depicted with two heads. He uses one head to look back on the year before, and the other head to look forward into the New Year!Oddly enough, couples tend to separate or divorce more so in January than any other month of the year.In Pasadena, California, there has been a Rose Parade held every year since 1890. It has since been broadcasted worldwide and is typically viewed in over 100 countries around the globe.If you were born in January, your birthstone is a garnet!In leap years, January always starts on the same day as…

20 Wonderful Facts About July

Between June and August, July is the seventh month of the Gregorian calendar.
Since it is the beginning of the second half of the year, it is a good time to start on a new footing.
It is also an excellent time for starting work on one of those new resolutions for the year you put off trying for the first half of the year!
Like any other month, July has a fairly rich history worth taking a closer look!
So we'll do all that and take a look at the origins of the month, interesting observances and some important points of history that took place in July!
July was named after the famous Roman general Julius Caesar by the Roman Senate, as was the month he was born. Julius Caesar was a formidable military general and statesman who was largely responsible for the change of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. The month was previously called Quintilis (Latin fifth) as it was the fifth month of 10 month old long novel calendar.As the second month of summer, July is on average the hottest mo…